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Impact So Far

3500+ Beneficiaries

9000+ Participants

1100+ Volunteers

Why GiftAbled

1 billion plus

Over 1 billion people across the world live with some form of disability.

World Health Organization
8 trillion dollars

Together with their friends and family, this group has a spending power of $8 trillion.

Global Economics of Disability Report
90 percent

90% of Children with Disabilities in developing countries do not attend school.

80 percent

80% of disabilities are acquired between the ages of 18 and 64 - the workforce age.

Disabled Living Foundation
80 percent

80% of Persons with Disabilities live in developing countries.

UN Development Programe

Support to Create an Inclusive Society

a girl with hearing impairment wearing her new hearing aid

GiftAbled Impact Projects

Our focus is to enable access to basic services i.e education, health and livelihood generation of People with Disabilities. We might also cater to sudden random genuine requests that would impact Lives of PwD or Disadvantaged.

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